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Suzuki Outboard Economical 4" White Tachometer with Monitor (990C0-80101)

$210.63 $180.54

7,000 max R.P.M. Tachs are available with or without 4-Stroke monitor functions. Monitor functions include: Low Oil Pressure Warning, Engine Temperature Warning, Check Engine Warning and Over-Rev Limit Warning.

Economically priced, high quality instruments feature easy plug-in wiring connections, perimeter-lighted dial, black bezels, contoured pointers and fog resistant glass lenses. All use standard 2” and 4” diameter for easy dash installation.

We have been a Suzuki Outboard full service dealer since 1979 and are the 2nd oldest Suzuki Outboard Dealer in the USA. We Ship to 91 Country's World Wide. If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us for help by EMAIL LINK or calling us at 815-675-1740