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Shorestation Boat Lift Canopy Cover For By Shoretex Fabrics (Hydrofend Fabric) 20 Sizes To Choose From

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Hydrofend™ Coated fabric is made in U.S.A and combines strength, beauty, and water repellency in this lightweight and durable construction. Hydrofend outperforms uncoated fabrics with up to six times greater water resistance.  Forged from a durable polyester monofilament yarn with great tear and tensile strength it is well suited for marine applications.  With a proprietary solvent coating that creates an armor to fend off surface abrasion and to prevent fraying for the tough textile while providing defense against moisture.  It offers a very lightweight construction that is both abrasion resistant and breathable.  The lightweight, yet durable and long lasting 8oz per yard material makes Hydrofend easy to install and remove at a mere 1/3 to 1/2 of the weight of most common vinyl materials. The attractive matte, woven appearance Hydrofend canopies are offered in 10 color options engineered to maintain their vibrancy season after season due to the solution-dyed fiber construction.

ShoreStation® Characteristics                              

• 20" Valance 
• Round frame rails
• Curved round bows
• Curved round front
• Bungie Loops and or bungie loops w/clips hooks. Designed for old style and new style frames 

Measuring: Total Length of 4" side tube and Add 24", Width is inside width between boatlift uprights.

Line Art for ShoreStation Style


When you order a new replacement canopy cover, we include Bungee Attaching Hardware so that you can secure the cover to your canopy frame.  Below is an overview of the attachment system present with cover options as described above.


The Quicklash canopy attachment system provides a user-friendly and easy to install design with increased strength and durability over traditional attachment systems.  Sewn into the interior of the cover, Quicklash is a fabric strip with reinforced lacing holes to eliminate the need of grommets to secure the canopy.  The Quicklash webbing is reinforced with Armor Bar, a high-tenacity polyester yarn which provides increased tear resistance and strength.



The 2-1/8" wide Quicklash webbing allows for quick and customizable installation with 1" lacing holes spaced every 3".  The canopy cover is secured utilizing the Quicklash webbing and supplied bungees.  The 1/4" stretchable, nylon covered, rubber bungees connect to any of the 1" lacing holes and then are secured to each specified attachment point on the existing canopy frame.  Once all bungees have been installed even tension is created around the perimeter of the canopy frame keeping the cover secure and in place on the frame.

Warranty Information

Shoretex Fabric Replacement Boatlift Canopy Warranty.

5 Yr Pro-rated

Shoretex Fabric replacement boatlift canopy covers made from Shoretex materials, warrant to the original purchaser, when utilized as a boatlift canopy, when properly installed, will remain in good visual condition and maintain proper function for a minimum period of five years, without failure due to excessive fading or separation, subject to the following terms, provisions and conditions.

Shoretex Fabric’s obligation under this warranty is limited to, at Shoretex’s sole discretion, the repair or replacement of a product found on examination to be defective under normal use and service. Ordinarily Shoretex Fabric will repair the cover if such repair will allow the cover to return to functional use. If deemed necessary, canopies within the first two years after the date of manufacturer will be replaced without cost other than transportation expense. Should Shoretex Fabric choose to replace a canopy following the second year after the date of mfg, Shoretex Fabric may charge the following costs: a) during the third year following date of mfg, Shoretex Fabric will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 60% of said price; b) during the fourth year following the date of mfg, Shoretex Fabric will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 40% of said price; c) during the fifth year following date of mfg, Shoretex Fabric will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 20% of said price. No rebate or replacement will be made on a warranty claim after the fifth year following the date of shipment.

This warranty will only cover canopies that have been properly installed on and seasonally removed from the boatlift frame. A canopy will not be deemed defective as a result of damage attributed to improper installation of the canopy cover, distortion of the frame upon which the canopy cover is mounted, a failure to seasonally remove and maintain the canopy, misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, chemically induced degradation, fireworks, accidents or acts of God, including excessive wind.

Canopy fabrics will naturally fade and deteriorate over time with exposure to the sun, wind and other elements. A canopy will not be deemed to be defective as a result of normal wear and tear based on the conditions to which the canopy cover is exposed. Minor pinholes are to be expected, and will not be deemed a defect. Fading and deterioration of materials will be deemed a defect only if the fading or deterioration is in excess of industry accepted tolerances. Discoloration as a result of environmental pollution, cleaning or other chemicals, or a failure to properly clean, dry and store the canopy cover is not covered under this warranty.

This warranty is limited to Shoretex Fabric replacement boatlift canopies and is not transferable or assignable. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide purchase documentation showing the date of purchase, purchase price and seller. TO MAKE A WARRANTY CLAIM: Contact Shoretex Fabric for a Return Authorization number (RGA). Canopies will not be accepted without an authorized RGA. Next, return the cover to Shoretex Fabric, 1010 Weyrens Rd, Fergus Falls, MN. 56537. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for shipping expenses.

The limited warranty set forth herein is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. In no event shall Shoretex Fabric be liable for damage to a boat, the boatlift or any other incidental or consequential damages. The total liability of Shoretex Fabric shall be limited to the purchase price of the particular product regardless of whether damages are sought based on breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability, tort or any other legal theory.