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Pier Pleasure 6000 lb 120" Wide Vertical Boat Lift (Lift Tech Direct Drive)

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Model AL60120V-BBACP and DC (24V) AL60120V-BBDCP 

Lift shown with Full-Length V-Bunk and optional Motorstop.

**Includes Lift Tech Winch & AC (110V) or DC 12/24 Power Unit with Pendant ** Not Shown

66" of Vertical Lifting Height For Direct Drives Hoists Excellent for Shallow Water!

48" of Vertical Lifting Height For Hydraulic Hoists Excellent for Shallow Water!

Vertical Boat Lift Specifications

Model Lift              Capacity       Beam Width      Lift Length      Lift Weight
AL60120V-BB         6,000 lbs.       120 inches         120 inches         532 lbs.

All Pier Pleasure Vertical lifts are standard with, non-corrosive stainless bolts, stainless cable and brass nuts, giving you many years of service while maintaining a clean apperance. Aluminum sheaves are used to maximize cable life and to ensure lasting performance under heavy use. Pier Pleasure vertical lifts offer rigid diagonal V-bracing on both sides, giving uncompromised strenght on demand when your boat is raised to maximum height. Our V-braced design also allows for non-restricted access to your boat from either side of the lift, which is ideal for slip installations. Vertical lifts are excellent in shallow water conditions and when weight of boat exceeds 4000 pounds. In these applications where the water level changes drastically and where maximum wave clearance is needed. Our direct vertical rise of 66" allows you to keep your boat high and dry without continually moving and adjusting your lift.  

  • Provide full support for your boat with full-length V-Bunks. They are adjustable both horizontally and vertically for varying boat hull designs. They have an aluminum channel for strength with flared ends for easy docking of your boat.
    • The STANDARD full-length V-Bunks use extruded vinyl, aluminum assembly, and non-corrosive fasteners.
    • Canopy Frames
    • A wheel kit assists in the installation and removal of the lift and can be removed for storage.
      • Bow Stops
      • Lift Jack
      • AC/DC Remote Shore Commander Electric Motors
      • Bow Stop
      • Step For Vertical
      • 10 Watt Solar Panel
      • Battary Tray
      • Prices for boat lifts & canopy frames are sold and priced unassembled, Local assembly and installation is available. Most other options can be shipped UPS. Customers picking up from out of state will be subject to ILL sales tax upon pick up.
      • Customers picking up from out of state will be subject to IL sales tax upon pick up.
      • Allow up to 2-weeks prior to pick up if product is not in stock.
    • Other Standard Features
    • All Stainless Hardware & All Lift Cables
    • Aluminum Pulley Sheaves (Not Plastic) with Stainless pins with grease zerks, along with Pivoting Foot Pads
    • Full-Length Guide-Ons will assist you in centering your boat on your lift. They adjust horizontally and vertically to fit your boat. Flared ends allow for easier entrance into your boat lift.
    • Cantilever Lift shown with Full-Length V-Bunks and optional Centering Guides installed.
    • The Motorstop helps prevent damage to your boat motor's lower unit and helps position the boat on the lift.