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Shorestation Classic Dock Sections 4' x 8' Alum Decking / Eon Side Boards

$0.00 $1,076.83

NEW EonĀ® Sideboards (shown) | Optional Cedar Sideboards: Beautiful western red cedar with a soft rolled edge.

The Dock of Ages

Eon MarineĀ® is a unique, 100% synthetic material that offers the beauty of natural wood, without all the maintenance. It is resistant to heat, cold, mold, mildew, UV rays, and insects, so it stands the test of time. That's why this material carries a 25 year limited warranty.

To prove that the enduring beauty of Eon is second to none, Atlas Material Testing Solutions, an independent third party, performed unbiased, real-life, weather testing of Eon products, natural wood, and some of the leading composite products. The results clearly show how well Eon maintains its beautiful appearance and color over time, outperforming real wood and the composites.

Eon VS Wood